PAPS Tracker

The PAPS Tracker is a web portal that facilitates the customs clearance process for shipments entering the U.S.

Important to know.

All exporters and carriers must send the PAPS and customs documentation to our United States processing center.

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 1.518.239.5841

Please enclose a completed Pre-arrival Notification Form.


Please verify that your PAPS is accepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and linked to your ACE E-Manifest before arrival at the border.*

Shipments are ready for crossing when a date and time appear in the “Release Accepted by CBP” field.**

*If the FDA status reflects anything other than “May Proceed,” please contact our office.

**To ensure your shipment’s successful transmission to CBP, please verify that a date and time appear next to “Release Accepted by CBP.”

24-hour PAPS support line:

Phone: 1.518.239.5889
Email: [email protected]

PAPS Verification.

Your questions. Our answers.

Why can’t I see my PAPS status in the PAPS Tracker?

If you’ve entered your PAPS number but don’t see any status updates, we may be missing some necessary documentation. We recommend contacting your carrier to confirm that they’ve faxed or emailed us the required PAPS documentation for processing. If your carrier has submitted the request, please allow at least three hours for us to process it. Our brokerage team will send you an email regarding any missing documentation.

I see an “Accepted” status. Why is my PAPS not released?

This indicates that we’ve processed your clearance request with CBP, but your carrier hasn’t crossed the border yet. Please contact your carrier for more information about the status of the crossing.

I see an “On-hold” status. What does this mean?

This means that we’ve received the request from your carrier. However, we don’t have all the necessary documentation to proceed with the clearance process. 

What’s my PAPS number?

Your PAPS number is provided to you by your carrier. Each number is unique to the carrier. Therefore, the best way to find your PAPS number is to contact them.