Corporate Responsibility

Metro embeds sustainability into our business decisions to protect natural resources, promote a circular economy, and be a positive catalyst for change.

Reducing the carbon footprint of human activity is crucial to creating a sustainable future. We take measures to increase energy efficiency and support global initiatives driving positive change.

Environmental, social, and governance considerations align with our company values and have long been a part of how we do business. We’re proud of the diversity and inclusion in our workforce, and we share time and financial resources with many impactful organizations that support our communities.

We have taken the initiative to elevate ESG to a position of primary focus, enabling us to do better and contribute more to solving the complex local and global environmental issues our world is facing.

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance
  • Our accomplishments
  • We value the environment. The world is our playing field, and we want to keep playing for a long, long time.

    We’re playing our part in the global transition to low-carbon shipping. At Metro, we recognize that we’re well-positioned to play a role in this transition and feel a sense of responsibility to do so.

    Our goal is to integrate ESG principles into our services and support corporate citizenship for our workforce and the communities in which we operate. We strive to lead by example, tracking and reducing the environmental impacts of our offices and employees.

    We're committed to the employees and communities within our orbit. Our ESG initiatives play an important role in contributing to the social fabric of these communities. We take pride in investing in our workforce and neighbourhoods, and we measure various performance metrics to gauge how well we’re supporting both.

    We’re committed to expanding our efforts to become a more responsible corporate citizen and further integrate ESG initiatives throughout our organization. We look forward to sharing our progress with you.

    This pillar covers how our company operates, including our policies, practices and workforce. In continuously developing and maintaining our company’s vision, values, strategies, policies and goals, we expand and execute our ESG-related goals and targets. We prioritize transparency and accountability in all our operations, ensuring that we operate in a fair and ethical manner.

    We take pride in our carbon-neutral status, generating less than one ton of CO2 per employee annually. This puts us ahead of similar businesses that produce up to six tons per employee.

    Our social initiatives include providing safe cookstoves to families in need through the India Clean Cookstove Project, which promotes women’s development. We’ve also partnered with Shulterm to deliver medical supplies to aid affected individuals in Ukraine.

    We also uphold rigorous supply chain security standards.