January 22nd will see CBP deploy Phase 1 of the modernization of the ACE Secure Data Portal (ACE Portal). These enhancements will include a new login screen, a new home page, and upgraded account information display and edit features.

Once on the new login screen, users will need to follow a few simple steps to create a new username and password and link their existing ACE Portal access. Users will have one month to link their accounts and transition to using the new login page. As of February 20th, the legacy login page will no longer be accessible. 

Future phases of the ACE Portal will include:

  • The complete set of links to other applications, available in the References section
  • Account creation functionality
  • Create/edit functionality for supporting account data
  • Document management features
  • User management/access tools

The completion of this effort is planned for January 2023.

CBP has scheduled an ACE Support Call on Jan. 25. For more information on Phase 1 and the support call, click here

For more information, please visit https://www.cbp.gov/trade/automated/ace-portal-modernization.