Customs Brokerage

Premier service, personalized value-based solutions.

An Industry Leader

Metro is recognized as one of the premier customs brokerage firms in North America.

A member of several industry and government trade panels, legislative committees and associations, Metro is positioned at the forefront of an ever-changing trade environment.

Compliance at Every Step

Our technical team, consisting of experienced industry professionals with advanced knowledge of customs requirements, ensures full compliance with government regulations.

Focus on Cost Savings

Drawing upon decades of customs experience, our team works diligently to identify the most advantageous tariff classifications and import programs that result in the lowest possible cost.

Service Excellence Across Borders

Whether importing into the United States or Canada, Metro (in combination with Omnitrans, our Canadian division) provides importers with consistent quality service.

A Streamlined U.S.-Canada Brokerage Solution

As a licensed United States and Canadian customs broker, Metro and offers an integrated and efficient cross-border shipping solution.

With an ongoing commitment to safe, secure, and efficient international trade, we maintain both C-TPAT and PIP certifications.

Customs Brokerage Technology Solutions

EDI Tools

Advanced technology platforms and tools resulting in increased efficiency and cost-savings.

Business Intelligence

Customized reports for in-depth import analysis and decision making.

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